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Sep 25

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 used to help film the Expedition

This is a short film from the expedition to the South Pole, filmed using my hand held camera and a AR Drone 2.0. It is amazing just how technology has come on over the past few years, to the point where things like drones can now be used to help capture and share the experience of what it is like to travel through some of the worlds harshest environments. A big thank you to Parrot for all their help and support, including their R&D team and Tom at Human Edge Technology.

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Jul 24

South Pole Success

South Pole Success – Antony becomes the 12th Briton to have ever skied to both the Geographic North and South Poles. Invite him into your classroom or company┬á Antony successfully completed the challenging 730 mile expedition in 46 days on his own, arriving on the 16th January which enabled him to stand at the Geographic …

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Jan 17

Day Forty-Seven – The South Pole!


Today on the 17th January I’m delighted to report that I am standing at the Geographic South Pole after arriving here late last night! Today is also a special day because on this date in 1912 my hero Captain Scott also reached the South Pole. I’m delighted with how things have gone, my training for …

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Jan 16

Day Forty-Six – One Day Left!

Toilet Bag 16Jan

Today I managed to travel a total distance of 17 nautical miles, putting me just 14 nautical miles away from the South Pole. This means that all being well I am hoping to reach the pole tomorrow evening, which will probably be the early hours of the 17th January back in the UK. I’m really …

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Jan 15

Day Forty-Five – White-out Returns

Yesterday was a very challenging day, as I was skiing in some of the worst white-out conditions I’ve experienced so far on the expedition. This made navigating very difficult at times, using my compass in its harness and literally skiing along staring at it to ensure I stayed on the correct bearing, through a wall …

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Jan 14

Day Forty-Four

Today I’ve passed the 89th degree, which means that I’m now within the last degree to the South Pole, which I’m absolutely over the moon about. I think I have about 47 nautical miles left to travel to the Pole now. Over the next few days I’m hoping to continue to cover an average of …

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Jan 13

Day Forty-Two – Following the Dream

I’m delighted to report that today I managed to cover a total distance of 17 Nautical Miles (20.5 miles), and I’m now rapidly approaching the 89th degree, the last degree to the South Pole. So as of today I have a total distance of 78 Nautical Miles left to cover, and I’m very happy with …

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Jan 10

Day Forty – Challenging Day

I’m delighted to report that my position today is 88’09, so I’ve now crossed the 88th degree! I’m really happy about that because it means that there’s just 110 Nautical Miles to go to the South Pole. Conditions today have been quite challenging and tough, as it’s been overcast all day today. I woke up …

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Jan 09

Day Thirty-Nine – Reflecting on Shackleton


Today I’m phoning in with my blog in the morning rather than last night because today is a very special day. On the same day, the 9th January 1909, Shackleton got to his furthest position south on his attempt to reach the South Pole. He reached 88┬░ 23′ S longitude, about 97 nautical miles from …

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Jan 08

Day Thirty-Eight

Today i hit my target of 15 nautical miles, which I’m really happy with, especially considering the terrain I’ve been traveling over. Even though there hasn’t been as big Sastrugi as there was a couple of days ago, the ground has been really rough. So it’s been far from straight-forward navigating around it. But all …

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