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South Pole Success – Antony becomes the 12th Briton to have ever skied to both the Geographic North and South Poles. Invite him into your classroom or company 


Antony successfully completed the challenging 730 mile expedition in 46 days on his own, arriving on the 16th January which enabled him to stand at the Geographic South Pole on the 17th January, the 102nd anniversary of his hero Captain Scott arriving there in 1912. By completing this expedition Antony became one of only 12 Britons to accomplish successful full-length expeditions to both the North and South poles.

This interactive expedition involved 63 schools who followed and engaged with Antony and his panel of experts online via Over 8000 pupils took part in activities both online and during workshops building up to the expedition and whilst Antony was away on the ice. This figure is increasing as Antony aims to visit more schools, promoting his achievements and knowledge of the polar environment.

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Antony has now completed 16 expeditions to both the Arctic and Antarctica which has enabled him to build up a range of knowledge on polar related topics including; wildlife, Inuit culture, climate change, geography and of course expedition skills.

In 2010 Antony founded Education Through Expeditions (ETE) a non profit organisation aimed at raising aspirations of young people and developing initiative online teaching through the web platform ETE Teachers.

If you would like to arrange for Antony to visit your school, business, event or organisation then please do get in touch via the contact page.

 Fun Facts from the ETE Teachers South Pole Mission


*The expedition took 46 days to complete

*The route was from Hercules Inlet to the pole, 730 miles

*Furthest walked in one day 17.5 nautical miles (21 miles)

*Coldest temperature -27 (plus wind chill)

*Antony only had a variety of 6 different meals.

*Antony consumed 6000 calories per day 282,000 calories total. This equates to 386 calories to the mile and still lost 11 kg’s in body weight.

*Antony carried 10 litres of fuel.

*Antony walked over 10 hours each day

*Antony had no days where weather stopped him being able to walk.

*The expedition cost some £60,000

*The expedition had 2 main sponsors and 24 community business sponsors.

You can read the full expedition blog from the South Pole project here