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    Renowned polar explorer Antony Jinman is most widely
    recognised for being the twelfth Britain to have skied to the
    Geographic North Pole and ski solo to the Geographic South Pole.

Courses and Training

  • A training package developing expedition skills. This training is suitable for those who are mounting their own first expedition, or those conducting fieldwork activities....

  • A training package to enable individuals to become magical presenters. This programme is suitable for businesses and individuals who want to develop their communication skills...

  • A training package for those about to undertake their first leadership role. The programme combines a mixture of theory and practical based activity. Participants are provided ...

  • A training programme designed to equip you with the ability to communicate your message effectively and to any audience. You will hold attention and be both credible and...

  • A training package designed to equip you with the basic skills necessary to operate in the outdoor environment. Ideal if you are heading out to do research...

  • This package will equip you with an understanding of what it takes to be a leader in the expedition environment and also the pitfalls and challenges you might face...

  • A programme designed to enable leaders to manage their own stress in the working environment and also aid their employees in overcoming their own stress related issues...

  • Expedition success is measured in many ways. Achieving the objective is just one. Having a team who still want to talk to one another on their return is another...

  • A training package developing the skill set needed to undertake or be involved in a major expedition.


Antony Jinman

Renowned polar explorer Antony Jinman is most widely recognised for being the twelfth Britain to have skied to the Geographic North Pole and ski solo to the Geographic South Pole. He also lays personal claim to being recognised by the Queen and gaining Royal Patronage from HRH The Prince of Wales after an expedition to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

His hunger for exploration began as a boy dreaming of the day he could follow in the footsteps of fellow Plymothian and Antarctic explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott coming one step closer when he served as a surveyor in the Royal Navy on board the Captain’s namesake ship HMS Scott.

Public Speaking

You may believe that there is nothing left to explore, that the world has been mapped and that the age of exploration and explorers on our planet is at an end. But you’d be mistaken; there is a need today as much as there has ever been, if only to inspire the hearts and minds of future generations about the world around them.


  • “Paul Hart and Antony Jinman exceeded all our expectations when they fulfilled a team building brief at our recent public health away day. The challenge was to motivate, inspire and challenge a fairly diverse group of practitioner who were not accustomed to working together on a daily basis. Antony and Paul had the audience captivated with stories of their own personal endeavours and succeeding in the face of adversity. Their recollections were vivid and truly insightful, reflecting on their thoughts, feelings, weaknesses and strengths, as individuals and as members of a team. Supported by stunning photography of polar landscapes and expeditions through treacherous terrain, we appreciated the magnitude of their achievements. Antony and Paul were able to utilise the teams admiration and engaged everyone in an afternoon of team building activities, which pushed us to think beyond our personal comfort zones and explore the strengths within our own teams. The feedback from the whole of the public health team was overwhelmingly positive, with an audible buzz of excitement!” Jan Potter - Deputy head of Health improvement
  • “Antony is undoubtedly an inspirational leader and has managed through his own perseverance to combine both his career and his passion. I have only known Antony for a relatively short time in his partnership with Blacks but his expert knowledge in the field of exploration and his ability to convey the subject matter in a way that is educational and interesting makes me believe he will grow the early success of ETE into something quite special.” Ralph Percival
  • "Antony is a master at his trade. He is able to operate effectively in extreme environments, able to lead, motivate and keep things moving towards their targets. He is an ideas man, and has boundless energy as well as a focused belief in his cause. He's also a really nice bloke to get around with." Duncan Eadie - IT Director at Foot Anstey LLP
  • "Antony was the first keynote speaker at our annual Universities South West 2010 Conference and gave a brilliantly motivational performance. I have received so many positive comments about his speech, how appropriate it was to the conference theme and how inspirational the delegates found him. Finding the right keynote speak to open your event, one who is able to engage the audience and set the tone is always very difficult, but I feel that Antony was just right; with many of his anecdotes being referred back to by later speakers throughout the event. Antony is an accomplished but very natural public speaker who appeals to, and is able to engage all audiences" Karen Corr - Student Recruitment & Widening Participation On-Campus Events Manager at University of Exeter
    Universities South West
  • "I had the pleasure to meet Antony last week. He delivered a presentation on leadership and team work to my group. It was fascinating to hear his success story and learn about the challenges he faced. He is a very passionate and determine individual. I highly recommend Antony, he truly inspired my team and the work he is doing with ETE is incredible. Hope we can meet again!" Ricardo Adame - Corporate Vice-President, Global Communications - AVG Technologies
    AVG Technologies


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